Broadstone Community Speedwatch Newsletter – September 2021

‘Making a difference!’

There used to, and probably still is, a rule of thumb in the insurance industry which related to claims for household goods following an incident such as fire/flood etc. From memory, this rule of thumb was along the lines that 60% of claimants would not artificially inflate their claim for loss or damage, 20% would inflate their claim if they thought they can get away with it, and 20% would always inflate their claim regardless of the risk of being ‘found out’.

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Community Speed Watch and it is this, though with slightly altered percentages. From 5 years of roadside observation and recording it seems that roughly 70% of drivers follow the ‘rules of the road’ and do not intentionally drive at excessive speed. 20% of drivers might exceed the speed limit by a relatively small margin if they think they can get away with it, and 10% will drive at excessive speed regardless of the risks to themselves and others.

Add to this the numbers of vehicles on the road on a daily basis, and then factor in the number of drivers speeding, disqualified drivers, drivers driving without a valid license or insurance, drivers with drug and/or alcohol issues, and unsafe vehicles etc and you can estimate the risks today’s road users regularly face.

BCSW have often been asked “Why do we need Community Speed Watch? It is surely the responsibility of the Police to deal with speeding issues?”. The fact is that there will never be enough Police Officers to monitor our roads, and ever more so with ever increasing demands on the Police to deal with a multitude of criminal activities, together with the many other demands for their time. Communities must therefore do whatever they can to support themselves, and the Police, in reducing antisocial activities, among which is speeding which has the potential to be life threatening.

Since April 2021 BCSW has conducted 25 + CSW operations. Help us make Broadstone safer place to live and work.