Broadstone Community Speed Watch Newsletter – August 2021

Make Broadstone a safer place to live!

When writing a monthly article finding ‘new’ things to write about can be quite challenging, and this is ever more the case when most folk’s minds are focused on other things such as health, sport, holidays, Covid and much more. Challenging circumstances do, not unexpectedly, bring out the good and the bad in our complex society.  Broadstone Community Speed Watch see this manifested in the form of gestures and shouts from some road users who for some reason see CSW as the ‘enemy’! Yet, at the same time, we have road users stopping at the roadside to thank us for being there to support them as responsible road users and, for the most part, as residents of Broadstone. It is this latter group that encourage BCSW to continue to do what we do, and it is ever important that all road users play a part by acknowledging the speed limits and driving considerately.

In previous articles there has been mention of the introduction of 20 mph speed limits on some of our Broadstone roads, and by the time this article is published it is hoped that the details of such changes will be in the public domain. That said, and it should be understood by those in favour of such changes, that following the introduction of a 20mph speed limit there will normally be up to a six month grace period during which no speed monitoring will be conducted. This grace period is intended to allow road users to get used to the ‘new’ speed limit before any speed monitoring or potential Police enforcement is applied.

On a separate issue BCSW has received many comments about vehicles being driven at excessive speeds in the early and late hours of the day. This information has been noted and passed on to Dorset Police. BCSW can only operate during daylight hours and have limited resources – the more volunteers we have, the more we can do!

Suggestion – fitting a DashCam in a car may improve your driving ……?

Be safe!