Broadstone Community Speed Watch – October 2020

Speed Limit change – Lower Blandford road

Community Speed Watch (CSW) monitoring is being conducted again on Lower Blandford road, from the Broadway to Darby’s Corner roundabout. As the Broadstone CSW (BCSW) team Coordinator I thought it might be helpful to remind road users that in the latter part of last year the speed limit on this stretch of road was reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph. Immediately following this change, and to allow road users to become familiar with a change of speed limit, a ‘period of grace’ was allowed before any Police speed enforcement or Community Speed Watch monitoring could be conducted.

It is apparent from recent BCSW operations conducted on Lower Blandford road that some motorists are either choosing to ignore the ‘new’ speed limit or that they are unaware of the change to the previous speed limit. The change to the speed limit was appropriately signed at the time the change was made, and Lower Blandford road is now part of the 30mph limit that extends throughout Broadstone down to the Darby’s Corner roundabout.

If in doubt remember ‘Streetlights mean 30’. No repeater signs allowed if less than 200 yards between lampposts.

The role of CSW is to raise awareness to any speed limits in force, to support the Police in trying to educate drivers, and to highlight the benefits of reductions in antisocial speeding. Reports provided by CSW teams can result in the Police issuing letters to registered keepers. No driver or motorcyclist has ever been prosecuted as a direct result of information supplied by CSW volunteers!

Broadstone Community Speed Watch (BCSW) welcomes enquiries from road users and residents alike, but please be aware that we are not responsible for, nor can we change, decisions made by the Council who must apply certain criteria to determine any speed limit change. We ourselves are Broadstone residents who just wish and try to make our local roads safer for all road users.

For more information on CSW or to report a traffic concern/issue please visit

If in doubt ‘slow down’!