Broadstone Community Speed Watch – November 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

If you can count on one thing in this enlightened age it is that, when you make a considerable effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information to people and involve all of the key players to make sure that all the information is correct and true, the usual suspects react on Facebook and other social sites with false and misleading information!

It is apparent that some people cannot accept that the information published has been proof read and fact checked by all contributors before any information is released for public consumption.

Anyone genuinely interested in Community Speed Watch can rest assured that all information provided by BCSW, and which is published on the website and the Broadstone Community Facebook page, will have been approved by Dorset Police and any other contributors. If unsure about any aspect of CSW you can contact Dorset Police at or BCSW at
BCSW has been operating for just over five years, and it is true that –

  • There will always be a determined minority of drivers and motorcyclists who, regardless of the risks to themselves and others, will selfishly behave as they do and will speed whenever an opportunity presents itself.
  • The majority of motorists and motorcyclists will drive/ride responsibly.
  • People will complain about speeding vehicles and motorcycles, but when it comes to volunteering to joining a CSW team such people are noticeable by their absence.
  • CSW operations in Broadstone are limited by virtue of the fact that BCSW can only mount operations on the 11 roads approved for such operations, can only operate in daylight hours, and only have a small number of volunteers.
  • BCSW has reduced numbers of vehicles recorded speeding on our approved roads by more than half since 2017 – more to do!
  • If more residents volunteered to join BCSW then CSW operations and effectiveness could be increased.
  • BCSW is fast reaching the point where, without new blood, it will be unable to continue to operate.

Join this dedicated team, make a difference!

Stay safe. Drive safely.