Broadstone Community Speed Watch Newsletter – October 2021

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone!’

The hours of daylight are indeed shortening as we move towards Winter, and your Broadstone Community Speed Watch team (BCSW) is having to respond to this by adjusting their operational activities to make the most of the daylight hours that remain. This is important since BCSW are only allowed to operated during daylight hours and in good visibility.

On a separate but related issue we are often approached when operating at the roadside, and asked why we do not mount CSW operations on more of our local roads.

The answer is as follows;-
• When requests are received for Speed Watch monitoring on any road, that road has to be risk assessed and approved for CSW operations by the Police.
• Not all roads in Broadstone meet the strict selection criteria that must be met to ensure the safety of both road users and CSW volunteers.
• BCSW currently have 11 roads in Broadstone which have been assessed and approved as being suitable and safe for Community Speed Watch operations. On each of these roads there are specific locations where the CSW volunteers must stand when operating. BCSW can only operate from such approved locations.
• There is a direct relationship between the number of roads that may be covered by CSW, and the numbers of available and trained volunteers, i.e more roads will require more volunteers to mount more CSW operations!
Regrettably, and almost without exception, very few of those who complain about speeding vehicles on their road want to volunteer to join BCSW to help us to address the concerns raised.

Changing the subject, and with the approaching Winter, this might be a good time to have a good look around your vehicle/motorcycle/bicycle as appropriate

Items to check
• Antifreeze and other fluid levels
• Tyres
• Windscreen wipers
• Lights
• Brakes
• Heater/demister

Food for thought –
In 2018, in the UK, 6,238 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured in road collisions.
Speed causes more than 1/3 of all fatal road traffic collisions in high income countries.

Drive safely, sensibly and considerately.
Think safe!