Broadstone Community Speed Watch – May 2021

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

Twelve months ago, when composing the monthly BCSW article for inclusion in the May issue of the Broadstone Link magazine, I referred to the unimaginable situation we were in with regard to the Covid pandemic and our first lockdown, but I did not expect that we might still be in a similar situation twelve months on!.

That said, the current indicators are promising but come with an emphasis and reliance upon each of us not to put others at risk by ignoring the rules put in place to ensure that our roadmap out of Covid remains effective.

In last month’s BCSW article it was indicated that BCSW might be able to redeploy on the 12th of April, and by the time you read this article you will have either seen us back at the roadside or not – as the case may be.

So, what has changed/is changing on our Dorset roads?

Not unusually, and as happened in the previous lockdown, the numbers of complaints about speeding vehicles increased quite dramatically and this in a period when the numbers of vehicles on our roads was higher countywide than that experienced in the March to July lockdown in 2020. If proof were needed, Dorset Police issued 780 speeding tickets, and the Dorset Police camera van team mounted 73 roadside operations, in the period 1st January to 1st March 2021 alone.

Another change is the Department for Transport’s initiatives to encourage people to get out of their cars and to increase facilities to facilitate more walking, cycling and use of Public transport. The initiatives include safer pavements, increased cycle routes, low traffic neighbourhoods and the introduction of new 20 mph zones/speed limits. The introduction of some or all of these initiatives has the potential to frustrate drivers, and it is imperative that the initiatives are fully supported by a comprehensive programme of education and information for all users.

Living on a road affected by speeding vehicles? Be part of the solution and join BCSW – e-mail:

Please drive safely.