Broadstone Community Speed Watch – March 2021

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

With Covid restrictions seemingly with us for some time yet, I thought It may be a good time to examine one of BCSW’s ongoing challenges,


  • Why is it that some people volunteer and others don’t?
  • Some people seem to naturally volunteer their services.
  • Some people would like to volunteer but hesitate and add it to the ‘to do’ list.
  • The remainder will never volunteer for anything!

However, volunteering can be interesting, is sometimes challenging but always rewarding. In addition, it provides opportunities to meet and work with new people and make new friends. Personally, I fall into the ‘will always volunteer’ category, and this even whilst serving in the Armed Forces where volunteering was generally frowned upon. Thankfully I was rarely disappointed!

Then years later, when I hung up my uniform for the last time and joined the ‘real’ world, I continued to volunteer looking for new opportunities which in the end helped to me to carve out a second successful career. So, I am absolutely convinced that volunteering is worthwhile and not something to be feared. On the contrary, it is something positive and can often provide unexpected rewards.

Community Speed Watch, an initiative that involves local residents undertaking speed monitoring that is overseen by Dorset Police, is entirely dependent on volunteers. Without volunteers Broadstone Community Speed Watch could not play its part in reducing the numbers of speeding vehicles by way of roadside operations, education and information.

Would you be interested in volunteering? Need more information? Go to , BCSW Facebook page or contact us via We will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding CSW and what is involved. Alternatively go to and register your interest.

Should you wish to speak to one of the team please visit and leave you contact details (name and telephone number) and we will contact you. If still interested we can invite you to attend one of our roadside operations as an observer.

Think safe, be safe, drive safely!