Broadstone Community Speed Watch – March 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

March, the month when winter might start to release its grip on our weather but more often than not this is too early. That said March is the month in which we put our clocks forward towards summer so the hours of daylight are being extended, so good news for regular road users.

March is also the month when your Community Speed Watch Team will be less restricted by the operating limits imposed by adverse winter conditions and limited hours of daylight, so expect to see your CSW team carrying out more operations at the roadside.

In September last year Dorset Road Safe ran a conference, for Speed Watch Coordinators and volunteers, to highlight the positive impact of Community Speed Watch teams across Dorset. Community Speed Watch volunteers give their time and effort to monitoring speeds in more than 75 village and urban locations. Between them the teams monitor over 285 sites that have been assessed by Police staff, and have been approved for monitoring.

The Community Speed Watch scheme in Dorset is designed to empower local communities in raising awareness of the need for drivers and motorcyclists to observe speed limits on local and urban roads. Statistically the majority of collisions, fatalities and serious injuries occur on such roads. Dorset Police support the scheme by training and supervising Community Speed Watch teams, and by processing the information provided by the teams and sending out advisory letters. In this way the scheme doesn’t penalise the motorists, but is an important tool in Dorset Road Safe’s programme to raise awareness and to educate our driving public.

Between January and September 2018 Community Speed Watch teams conducted more than 750 CSW sessions, each lasting approximately one hour. This represented more than 3000 volunteer hours, and more than 6000 letters were sent to motorists who had been observed and recorded as driving at speeds in excess of current Police guidance for roads with speed limits of 20, 30 and 40 mph.

Remember, safer roads benefit everyone.

Drive safely and drive well.


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