Broadstone Community Speed Watch – June 2021

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

June, a month in which we have the summer solstice and the longest day. Hopefully it will also be the month in which we may find ourselves being carefully steered back to some form of normality – fingers crossed?

Since 2014 BCSW has moved from being a fledgling organisation to one of the leading and most effective and professional CSW teams in Dorset. This confirmed if only by receiving commendations in 2017, 2018 and 2019, – 2020 and 2021 naturally being disrupted by Covid lockdowns and restrictions. The numbers of vehicles observed speeding has to date been reduced by more than 50% from that when BCSW was first established.

BCSW is currently supported by 11 volunteers, six of whom joined the team at the outset, so we must be doing something right. So, if you accept that speeding vehicles put residents and others at risk, if you wish to reduce such risks, then do take the first step and contact BCW or Dorset Police to offer your support to your community Speed Watch team. You will be warmly welcomed.

If you need convincing –

  • The average cost of a fatal collision, from impact to closing of inquest, is £2,000,000. With almost 1800 fatalities on UK roads each year this equates to £3.6 billion pounds annually to the State and tax payers.
  • Statistics show that more than 90% of recorded first time offenders are not observed speeding again by any of the hundreds of CSW teams appearing in totally unpredictable patterns within 12 months of receiving a first ‘advisory’ letter. Friendly proactive education is effective.
  • Steering drivers towards a greater understanding of the potential consequences of their behaviour must always the primary aim of CSW
  • Community Speed Watch is not about ‘catching’ speeding vehicles. It is about taking an interest in everyone’s safety. CSW cares about dog walkers, cyclists, pedestrians, all road users and others, because we are a community
  • Finally, CSW do not enforce. CSW’s sole aim is to educate and inform.

Please drive safely, and drive considerately.