Broadstone Community Speed Watch – June 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

When your Broadstone Community Speed watch team suspended their activities on the 20th March, a week or so before the official ‘Lockdown’, little was known about the challenges that lay ahead for all of us in the weeks to come.

One thing for sure is that we now cannot doubt that the cost, both in human and economic terms, is far in excess of anything we might have imagined.

Yet, it is in times such as these that we see the true good that exists in our society and in our nation. The amazing efforts of those brave and selfless members of our NHS and supporting services. The dedication and commitment of our Emergency services and others, and the thousands of volunteers who, regardless of the risks, have offered to help other less fortunate. In normal times it is easy to forget that such people and such acts of caring and kindness exist, and our attention is all too easily drawn to the less positive aspects of life and living in our modern tech filled world.

At the time of composing this article eyes are on the next steps on the road out of the current crisis, and the general consensus is that the path, to what we pray will be a full recovery, will be a long one.

That accepted there will undoubtedly be many new risks and challenges ahead as society emerges and moves to the ‘new’ normal, but emerge we will.

What does this mean for Broadstone Community Speed Watch? Without doubt it will be a case of when rather than if. Recent published statistics have shown that during the ‘Lockdown’ period there has been a worrying increase in the numbers of vehicles being driven at excessively high speeds. This may in part be  an unintended consequence of reduced traffic volumes and clearer roads, but will need to be addressed when schools, business and normal operations resume. Notice of any resumption of our activities will be published at the appropriate time.

Stay safe and stay well,