Broadstone Community Speed Watch – July 2021

Making a difference’

How nice it is to have summer temperatures that we might expect for this time of the year, and this certainly makes life at the roadside somewhat more pleasant when conducting roadside CSW (Community Speed watch) operations. Optimistically, the kinder weather might also provide an opportunity for anyone thinking of joining Broadstone Community Speed watch to come along to see what we do. If you need encouragement or information please feel free to contact BCSW via our website leave your name and a contact telephone number, and one of our team volunteers will contact you to answer any questions or queries you may have.

As at this moment, decisions from BCP regarding the proposed ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and the implementation of 20mph speed limits on Dunyeats road, Broadstone Broadway and the Ridgeway, are eagerly awaited. Undoubtedly both proposed schemes will have supporters and detractors, but the scheme most difficult to enforce will be the proposed 20mph speed limits. To remind readers of previous articles on this issue 20mph schemes should, wherever and whenever possible, be ‘self’ enforcing, this by the use of suitable traffic calming measures. It cannot not be assumed that Police will enforce 20mph speed limits.

With this in mind, residents on roads with a 20mph speed limit might ask ‘what is the point of implementing a 20mph speed limit if there is no enforcement? The answer is that if a CSW team exists in the affected location then this team may carry out CSW operations on 20mph roads, provided that such roads are safe and suitable for CSW operations.

Important to remember, BCSW volunteers are drawn from our community, and to monitor existing 30 mph roads and additional 20 mph roads BCSW will require additional volunteers. So, logically it might make sense for additional volunteers to be drawn from residents residing on those roads with a 20mph limit – this probably not discussed in any consultation!

Final thought – 63% of road casualties occur in built-up areas!

Better weather, more motorcycles, ‘Think Bike!’.

Drive safely