Broadstone Community Speed Watch – February 2021

Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone

It is a fact that once we get past the winter equinox the hours of daylight increase as we move towards spring and summer. However, good as that might sound, it does sometimes seem to be an eternity till the light and warmth returns to allow us to escape from winter.

This may be even more relevant right now when we are contained in another seemingly long but necessary lockdown.

“But what has this got to do with your Community Speed Watch?” you might ask. The answer is that like all other activities performed by volunteers there is an absolute need for their safety and welfare and, in the current circumstances the deployment of Community Speed Watch volunteers right now cannot be justified. So BCSW, and all other CSW teams in Dorset have been ‘stood down’ until such time as it is considered safe to redeploy.

In these circumstances one thing is for certain, the numbers of speeding vehicles will increase during the lockdown period, as was experienced in previous lockdowns. There will always be a minority of drivers who, due to lower traffic volumes, see clearer roads as an opportunity to ignore speed limits.

Perhaps it is therefore a time for all CSW teams to reflect on the past year, much of which was interrupted by earlier lockdowns, and to identify roads and locations which might need to be prioritised as and when CSW teams are permitted to recommence their roadside activities.

Good news. Dorset Police have seen a large number of residents coming forward to either join an existing CSW team or to set up new CSW teams. If you can spare an hour a week/fortnight/month PLEASE do consider joining your local CSW. Broadstone Community Speed Watch needs you!

Further good news. Local surgeries have recently been sending out text notifications related to Covid 19 vaccinations, with locations where the vaccinations will be administered. This has got to be good news, and cannot come soon enough.

Let us work together for the good of all.

Stay safe.