Broadstone Community Speed Watch – December 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

It is difficult in these Covid dominated times to think of Christmas and the season of goodwill, and goodwill is something that certainly seems to be a scarce commodity on our evermore busy local roads. This is regularly observed on Lower Blandford road where some drivers think that they will get the speed limit changed by honking their horn at drivers who are driving at or within the 30 mph speed limit, by aggressively overtaking or by revving their engines. Such behaviour is particularly concerning at this time of year when the effects of reduced daylight hours, combined with worsening weather, increase risks to the safety and welfare of all road users, whether on four wheels/two wheels or on foot. If drivers seriously want to protest at the reduction of the speed limit on this road then they should make their views known to the local authority that brought in the speed reduction.

On a more general note, and if you have not already done so, it is a good time for drivers of vehicles to check lights, tyres, brakes, windscreen washer fluid level. It is also important to makes sure that windscreens are clear of leaves, frost and of snow before setting off on your journey.

Motorcyclists and cyclists also need to ensure that they and their bikes are fit for the road by checking tyres, brakes, lights and wearing suitable reflective /hi-vis clothing.

Pedestrians also need to be extra aware when sharing space with others such as cyclists on shared pavements, cars in car parks and particularly at road junctions or when crossing the road – day or night. Make sure you can see and be seen. This is never more relevant and important at a time when councils are experimenting with new road junctions (Dunyeats road) and other schemes that change or alter previously accepted vehicle/cyclist/pedestrian rights of way priorities.

Mindful of all the above BCSW wish you all a safe, heathy and happy Christmas, and a more optimistic New Year!

Stay safe, stay well!