Broadstone Community Speed Watch – August 2018

Making Broadstone a safer place to live

To begin with BCSW would like to place on record our thanks to all those people who visited our stand at the Broadstone Family Fun Day. We much enjoyed meeting you, and trust that we answered all your many and interesting questions. Whether or not you support our Community Speed Watch activities we will always be prepared to meet and discuss what we do, and why we carry out our operations on the roads in and around our community.

In the July issue of this magazine Broadstone Community Speed Watch sought to address some of the negative comments made recently on social media, and this article continues in that vein. The aim being to separate fiction from fact, and to offer explanations for what we do, and why we carry out Community Speed Watch operations.

Fiction: I was glared at by them!

Fact: It is never intended to further aggravate vehicle drivers by ‘glaring’ at them, regardless of whether or not they are speeding. However, in the process of recording the necessary information required as part of our reporting process, it is necessary to establish the correct registration number, the make, model and colour of every vehicle being recorded. This does require CSW team members recording such details to look closely at these vehicles. The other times that CSW team members will look purposefully into vehicles will be to ascertain whether or not the vehicle driver is wearing a seat belt, or is using a hand held mobile telephone or device.

Fiction: They were operating at a time when there were no children around?

Fact: Speed restrictions placed on roads apply 24 hrs a day, and this regardless of whether or not there are children around at the time. It is an established fact that speeding vehicles do present an increased risk of harm or serious injury to all other road users, and are a contributory factor in up to a third of all serious road collisions.

So, until the next time – Drive well and drive safely.


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