Broadstone Community Speed Watch – April 2021

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

20 mph

Recent announcements in the media would confirm that the Department for Transport has given grants to Councils and Local Authorities to spend on projects to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and to encourage people to make more use of public transport. To date, some projects, in the form of LTZs (Low traffic zones) and 20mph speed limits are already in existence. It is currently being proposed that 20mph speed limits might be applied to Dunyeats Road, the Ridgeway and Broadstone Broadway.

Whether you agree with 20 mph speed limits or not it cannot be denied that vehicles, travelling at 20 mph or below, greatly improve overall safety and reduce the risk of serious injuries and death. However, for 20 mph limits on their own to be successful they need to be supported by appropriate traffic calming measures (chicanes, bollards, Speed safety cameras etc). 20 mph speed limits therefore tend to be applied to minor urban roads where the traffic volumes and speeds are already low.

Another factor in the 20mph discussion is that, unless explicitly agreed, the Police will not routinely enforce on roads with a 20 mph speed limit. It is generally accepted that CSW teams will monitor vehicle speeds on 20 mph roads, but only where such roads have been risk-assessed by the Police and approved as suitable for CSW operations.

With this in mind, and if 20 mph speed limits are introduced to Broadstone, there could be an additional workload placed on your BCSW team. This then takes us back to previous BCSW articles placed in this magazine which have highlighted the need for more volunteers to join BCSW.

So, would you be interested in joining your Broadstone Community Speed Watch team? Need more information? Go to , BCSW Facebook page or contact us via We will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding CSW and what is involved. Alternatively, go to and register your interest.

Think safe, be safe, drive safely!