Broadstone Community Speed Watch – February 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

February – the month when the true cost of Christmas appears on our credit card statements. The month when winter seems to be never ending. So, time to re-energise, get ready for the Spring, and to look forward to warmer days. We in Broadstone Community Speed Watch will certainly welcome some warmth, and hopefully some more support.

In 2019, between the 1st January to the 31st December your Community Speed Watch team achieved the following;

Operations Completed 110
Operations cancelled 17
Vehicles monitored 42,306
Vehicles recorded speeding 508

This achievement was recognised by Dorset Police Chief Constable who presented your BCSW with their second commendation in two years.

In previous BCSW articles there have been several requests for more volunteers, and sad to say not one enquiry has been received.
But before dismissing this article as just another request for volunteers please ask yourself these questions :

  • Do you regard speeding where you live to be a serious issue?
  • Does speeding affect your quality of life?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is YES – then would you be prepared to give one hour a month to help Broadstone Community Speed Watch to reduce the numbers of speeding vehicles in and around Broadstone. You will be joining a dedicated team of like-minded volunteers, all of whom live in Broadstone, and who wish to make a difference.

To anyone who might question CSW, and what it does, we would just ask “Which is more likely to kill or injure someone – a speeding vehicle or a Community Speed Watch team? Statistics show that where CSW teams operate the numbers of speeders reduce considerably.

If you are interested in Community Speed Watch, and want to know more, BCSW intend to set up some ‘Meet your Community Speed Watch team’ events on the Broadway outside Marks & Spencer’s in the Spring. Dates and times will be promulgated nearer the time.

Otherwise come and talk to us when we are operating at the roadside, or contact us by e-mail at

Stay safe.


As published in the Broadstone Link magazine for February 2020