Volunteers invited to sign up to Community Speed Watch

Dorset Police is inviting local communities who have concerns about speeding in their area to sign up to Community Speed Watch.

The initiative gives local communities the opportunity to get actively involved in road safety, with teams operating in villages, towns and urban areas across Dorset to discourage motorists from speeding.

Volunteers use hand-held devices to record and monitor details of motorists seen speeding and can also note drivers suspected of using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt. The police then send warning letters to these motorists and if drivers are persistently caught, they will be targeted by the Force’s No Excuse team.

The information collected also helps Dorset Police identify areas and times for wider targeted road safety operations.

On Saturday 29 April, Broadstone Community Speed Watch in conjunction with Dorset Road Safe will be holding an awareness event in the Broadway in Broadstone, adjacent to Bugdens between 10am to 2pm.

The event provides an opportunity for members of the community to meet current volunteers, find out more about the scheme and other road safety enforcement and education initiatives in Dorset.

Brian Austin, Road Safety Operations Manager, said: “Speeding increases the risk of serious injury and fatal collisions and Community Speed Watch has a huge part to play in reducing road casualties across Dorset.

“I would like to remind motorists that Community Speed Watch volunteers do not replace the Camera Safety vans that may also be deployed to these areas, but they add to the education of motorists and act as a reminder of the need to stay at the speed limit indicated.”

Geoff Daulman, Broadstone Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator, said: “A duty will normally last an hour in any one location. Using equipment supplied to us, we record registration details of all vehicles found to be exceeding the speed limit. These details are passed back to the Road Safe Team who then arrange for advisory letters to be sent out, or for a police officer to visit the registered keeper for further advice. I am pleased to work in conjunction with Dorset Police in raising awareness of the dangers of speeding and to hopefully educate drivers to slow down.”

Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Colin Pipe said: “Driving can become so routine that many motorists drift onto auto-pilot, experience lapses in concentration and forget their speed. This can be particularly problematic in Dorset’s rural areas where roads are narrow and shared by drivers and pedestrians alike.

“The presence of Community Speed Watch teams not only encourages motorists to drive appropriately to the conditions, but improves the quality of life for residents. I would like to thank those that give up their time to support the Force’s efforts to make the roads of Dorset safer.”

If you would like to volunteer your time as part of Community Speed Watch, please visit www.dorset.police.uk/CSW

Article published by Dorset Polce on 25/04/17 at https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/article/2722

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