Help make Broadstone a safer place to live

Every day we all read about shocking accidents on our roads, and vehicles being driven at excessive speed often feature as being amongst the causes of such accidents.

Making Broadstone a safer place to live‘ must be important to everyone who resides in Broadstone.

One way in which to achieve this is to carry out a number of initiatives, one of which is to support Dorset Police in their efforts to improve driver behaviour on the roads that criss-cross our county.

In Broadstone this is achieved by Dorset Police speed reduction initiatives, and providing support to your Broadstone Community Speed Watch team.

In order for your Community Speed Watch team to be effective we need to raise sufficient funds to cover our day to day operating costs, and from time to time upgrade and/or replace the safety clothing and equipment required to allow us to operate safely and efficiently.

Since the 1st July 2017 Tesco have provided a means by which communities and others can support causes such as ours under their ‘Bags of Help’ scheme.

Three clear plastic bins have been placed in all Poole and Bournemouth large stores, and Tesco customers can request ‘Blue Tokens’ which they may place in the bins of their choice. This option costs you nothing extra, and is a hugely effective way to show your support for any of the ‘good causes’ you may choose.

Right now Broadstone Community Speed Watch have no other source or means by which to raise funds, so we would genuinely implore you to support us by putting as many tokens as you will in the bin allocated to Broadstone Community Speed Watch.

This fund raising scheme will close on the 31st August 2017. We genuinely, and desperately, need your support.

Thank you

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