Haven’t you got better things to do with your time?

The other day, whilst carrying out a Speed Watch operation on Springdale Road, an irate motorist pulled up and shouted out “Haven’t you got better things to do with your time?” This, sadly, is a view expressed by a small minority of motorists who seem to believe that speed restrictions are placed on roads for no good reason, and that those who seek to remind motorists of the speed limits are people with ‘nothing better to do’.

Thankfully, the majority of motorists appreciate the fact that speed limits in the United Kingdom are applied to roads for the purposes of road safety (to reduce the number of road casualties), to reduce the negative environmental impacts of traffic, to increase fuel use efficiency and to satisfy local community wishes.

The Department for Transport believes that effective speed management involves many components but that speed limits play a ‘fundamental role’ and are ‘a key source of information to road users’ particularly as an indicator of the nature and risks posed by that road to both themselves and other motorised and non-motorised users.

If your Community Speed Watch team can play a part in improving driver behaviour, reducing the likelihood of one serious accident, reducing the likelihood of serious injury or death on our local roads, then it is difficult to argue that ‘we would have better things to do with our time!’

Drive safely, and help us to ‘make Broadstone a safer place to live’.

A fatal casualty, apart from the obvious impact on family and friends, costs the public purse in the region of £1.4 million in resources – without casualties where better could that money be spent – NHS, Schools etc.

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