Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all from Broadstone Community Speed Watch!

January is a month when we reflect on times past, seek new adventures and/or challenges, struggle to stick to New Year’s resolutions, avoid the bathroom scales etc, but the New Year also brings new opportunities. This is most definitely the case with Community Speed Watch.

In 2018, and for the second year in succession, BCSW completed more than 100 CSW operations, monitoring over 30,000 vehicle movements across our local roads. This is no mean feat when you consider that for much of the year we only drew from a pool of 10 volunteers. To continue to operate like this and unless we recruit new volunteers, we will risk losing the existing goodwill that enables us to operate.

So, if you wish to support your community, and make a difference, please consider joining this group of volunteers, all of whom are local residents.

All new volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, and in good health.

Volunteers will have to agree to minimal, and appropriate, vetting by a representative of Dorset Police.

If accepted, new volunteers will receive training in the use of CSW equipment, and safety training. Every CSW operation is supervised by a trained and suitably qualified team member.

CSW operations are from 30 mins to one hour in duration, at locations assessed and approved by Dorset Police.

If you think you might be interested contact us via the Contact Us form, and/or if you wish to talk to an existing volunteer just provide a contact name and telephone number and one of us will call you back.

You may also make enquiries via the Dorset Police non-emergency number 101, or by e-mail to enquiries@Dorset.PNN.Police.uk

For genuine enquiries we may also offer a ‘try before you buy’ session so that you may see first hand what we do, and how we operate.

Every best wish for 2019.


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