Broadstone Community Speed Watch – September 2020

‘Raising awareness, promoting road safety’

It is public knowledge that vehicle speeds on our national roads network increased significantly during the lock down period, and this continues to be an issue for all road users whether motorist, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian. Broadstone is no exception!

At any other time this issue might be dealt with by a combination of increased Police Speed reduction activities and Community Speed Watch operations. However both organisations are being severely tested by the impact of Covid-19 on resources and increased workloads. This is certainly the case with Broadstone Community Speed Watch team which is currently reduced to operating with just seven volunteers.

Mindful of this, it is time to highlight the fact that Broadstone Community Speed Watch team is comprised of volunteers from your community, and that the bulk of those forming the current team have been part of BCSW since it was formed in late 2014. It is now more important than ever that we attract some new members so your team can reduce the numbers of speeding vehicle to the pre-lockdown levels or better. Without urgent support there is a real risk that BCSW will cease to function.

If you think you might be interested, and/or would like more information please contact BCSW at, and if you provide your contact details one of the team will contact you to answer any questions or queries you may have. Please help BCSW to make Broadstone a ‘safer place to live’!

Stay safe and stay well.


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