Broadstone Community Speed Watch – October 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

“Why don’t you get a life!” the van driver shouted through the driver’s side window of his van, as he drove past the Speed Watch team. Had the driver stopped and had a conversation with the team he might have appreciated that we would indeed prefer not to have to stand by the roadside recording the details of vehicles whose drivers seem to have an unhealthy disregard for speed limits, and the reasons why such speed limits are put in place on our urban and rural roads.

The driver might also understand that in January 2017, this team of volunteers had the choice of ceasing Broadstone Community Speed Watch operations, or to reform and to continue. The team took the decision to continue, and since that time has risen to be the best performing CSW team in the County.

So, the answer to the driver’s question is “yes, we would prefer to do something else” but Community Speed Watch provides us with an opportunity to give back something to the community within which we are privileged to live, and in doing so make Broadstone a safer place to live

Community Speed Watch aims to inform, educate and raise awareness among the Driver community regarding the risks of serious injury and deaths that can arise directly from inappropriate and excessive speed. Community Speed Watch is responding directly to concerns raised by Broadstone residents.

But, I hear someone say, with BCSW carrying out in excess of 100 operations each year, surely speeding is no longer an issue? If only that were true – this year to date we have recorded more than 50 vehicles being driven at speeds in excess of 40 mph, and a motorcyclist travelling at 68 mph! – on roads with a 30 mph speed limit!

So, there is still more to do, and to do this we have an ever present need for more volunteers. If you think you might be interested in joining our team please have a look at the website.

Think, drive safely!


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