Broadstone Community Speed Watch – November 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

In recent months there have been references to Police Officers and others joining in with Community Speed Watch volunteers when the Speed Watch team are engaged in carrying out Speed watch operations. To avoid any confusion please see an explanation below:-

It is true that Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Police Staff may join a Community Speed Watch team at the roadside, but the purpose of such attendance may differ. These are shown below;

  1. Officers may join a Community Speed Watch team to supervise, provide training or just to offer moral support. In this case the Community Speed Watch team will operate as normal.
  2. Police Officers will on occasion conduct their own speed enforcement from a Speed Watch site alongside the team using a hand held laser device. This is usually done as part of a wider policing operation aimed at raising awareness of speed and other traffic offences.
  3. TruCam – this is an initiative launched by Dorset Road Safe with officers from Dorset Police joining Community Speed Watch volunteers to conduct joint sessions. These officers use a laser detector that is mounted on a tripod which they alone will operate.

In categories 2 add 3 above, when Police Officers are operational, the Community Speed Watch team will be required to suspend their operation, but remain close by as required. A Community Speed Watch volunteer will continue to count the numbers of vehicles passing the location.

Community Speed Watch is a way to remind drivers of the need to drive within the speed limit set. The letters sent out as a result of Speed Watch monitoring are only advisory. However, drivers need to understand that Speed Watch is supported by Dorset Police and that there may also be an occasion when a member of Police staff is present and enforcement will be carried out.

Needless to say, the supervision, training and support, provided by Dorset Police is greatly appreciated by Community Speed Watch volunteers.

Winter is nigh – check lights, tyres, wiper blades etc!


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