Broadstone Community Speed Watch – November 2018

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Well, the long cold fingers of winter are slowly but surely stretching out to touch us as we move into shorter days and longer nights. This of course brings challenges to us all, and especially the elderly and the young as they make their way to and from their respective destinations such as shops, schools, relatives, friends etc.

It also, not unexpectedly, brings challenges to all road users whether they be on two, four or more wheels. Such challenges most commonly encountered being low light levels and reduced visibility, misted up vehicle windows, wet and/or slippery road surfaces, potholes, pedestrians/cyclists not wearing high visible clothing and more.

So, if you have not done so already, do ensure that both you and your vehicle/motorbike/bicycles are fit for the conditions that you will encounter from now until early next year.

So, I suspect some of you will be asking, what has this got to do with Community Speed Watch? The answer is that Broadstone Community Speed Watch does not go into hibernation during the winter months. The reason for this being that it is even more important, in these darker and colder months, that all road users drive carefully and are mindful of the frequently changing conditions. It is also important to have regard for the speed limits in force on our major and minor roads. We will therefore be operating as normal, and we would ask all of you to help us to reduce the risks that arise from unnecessary and inappropriate speeding on our local roads.

Readers of the Broadstone Link magazine will have noticed that the September and October issues carried our plea for volunteers to join the existing Broadstone Community Speed Watch team. To put it simply, without new volunteers, we will not be able to replace those currently and ably carrying out Speed Watch operations in our village. One hour a week is all that is required, and the more volunteers we have the lighter the workload for all.

Thank you.

Drive well and drive safely.

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