Broadstone Community Speed Watch – May 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

Writing an article each month is sometimes a challenge in itself but the unexpected arrival of the Corona Virus has changed the editorial landscape completely. We are now are now facing challenges that months ago would have been unthinkable, and we can only rely on our Government, our medical experts, our most valiant NHS, and ourselves to get through this difficult period. If ever there was a time for us all to put our differences aside, and to work together for the common good, then I suggest this is the time.

With this in mind and in these circumstances, and to avoid adding any additional or unnecessary pressure or stress on our travelling public, Broadstone Community Speed Watch has ceased all CSW operations until further notice, and the two ‘Meet the Public’ events planned for April and May cancelled.

This aside, BCSW continue to lead the league table for CSW operations across the County, and we have been making considerable progress in reducing the numbers of speeding vehicles on our local roads.

In addition, and as mentioned in our April article, we have a PowerPoint presentation that we can present to organisations and groups who might wish to know more about our activities. We have so far provided this service to two organisations, and both presentations were well received.

Dorset Police continue to support CSW by developing policies, procedures, operational guidelines, training and supervision, to ensure that CSW teams carry out their roles responsibly, with the aim of maintaining public confidence in this joint initiative.

As always BCSW needs help from you, our residents, to keep a downward pressure on the numbers of speeding vehicles on our local roads., and you can do this by volunteering to join us. So do have a look at our website, fill in the contact form, attend one of our sessions on a ‘try before you buy’ basis, or come and talk to us at the roadside. Any and all enquiries will be warmly welcomed.

Finally, stay safe, stay well and keep healthy.


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