Broadstone Community Speed Watch – May 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

May is an important month for your Broadstone Community Speed Watch team, if only in that this month we will be celebrating our second anniversary since we established ourselves as an independent Watch in January 2017.

A lot has happened since we carried out the first Broadstone Community Speed under new arrangements on Monday the 8th May 2017. Below are some facts and figures that may be of interest;-

BCSW operations: 220
Vehicles monitored: 61000 +
Vehicles recorded as speeding: 1000 +

In May 2017 Broadstone Community Speed Watch comprised of 7 volunteers drawn from your community, and at this moment we have 12 trained volunteers currently carrying out CSW duties on the Broadstone roads assessed and approved for CSW operations by Dorset Police.

In 2017 we received a letter of commendation from the then Chief Constable, and by the time you read this article will have another letter in recognition of our efforts in 2018.

One of the unexpected outcomes of our ‘journey’ is that we now have one of our team serving as the vice-chairman on the Executive committee of the Association of Dorset Watches, and also on the committee of the Poole Association of Watches. Furthermore, we are working and liaising with the Dorset Police CSW Unit on a number of projects aimed at standardizing and improving CSW initiatives and performance across the county.

Achieving so much in this short space of time is entirely due to the outstanding efforts by, and commitment from, the initial core of 7 Broadstone residents (members of BNW) who responded to the initial call for volunteers to form a Community Speed Watch team. In addition, credit must also go to team members who have joined us more recently, and to Dorset Police CSW Unit who support and encourage us.

The above highlights what may be achieved by a small group of enthusiastic, dedicated and well motivated volunteers. If you have some time to spare, and want to ‘make a difference’, why not join us?

Safety benefits every road user!