Broadstone Community Speed Watch – May 2018

Making Broadstone a safer place to live

‘Spring is here! – continued from the BCSW article for April.

Last month’s BCSW article began the process of reminding readers of ‘What is Community Speed Watch?’ and ended with the information collected by CSW volunteers at the roadside. You might now be wondering what is done with this information?

Once the CSW operation is completed, the information gathered is collated, checked and entered into a Dorset Police spreadsheet, which is then sent to Dorset Police for their consideration and action as appropriate. CSW is required to keep records of all the operations mounted, and the information gathered, for a minimum period of 12 months.

Can I join BCSW? Yes you can!

All new volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, and all will have to agree to appropriate vetting procedures (currently being revised). Once accepted, all new volunteers will receive safety training, and be trained to use the CSW equipment issued to CSW teams in order to mount and carry out roadside CSW operations. Every CSW operation will be supervised by an experienced and suitably qualified team member.

What am I committing myself to?

A CSW operation will normally run for one hour, and with sufficient volunteers this will normally mean that you will only be asked to attend for one hour per week. The more volunteers we have the less demand on our/your time.

If you are interested in joining your Broadstone CSW team do contact us by e-mail using and provide your name and telephone number, and one of the team will contact you. We do run ‘try before you buy’ sessions where you may attend, without any obligation, a BCSW operation as an observer , it is an opportunity to meet the team and to see why, how and what we do.

You may also make enquiries via Dorset Police non-emergency number 101, or Dorset Police enquiries e-mail:

In the meantime do drive safely, and be aware of the posted speed limit.


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