Broadstone Community Speed Watch – May 2017

The Broadstone Community Speed Watch ‘Special’ event is now a distant memory, and your Community Speed Watch team is back in the business of monitoring vehicle speeds on the roads and highways that pass through the Broadstone Ward.

Broadstone Community Speed Watch (BCSW) recommenced operations on the 16th May and, up to the 26th May, had carried out Speed Watch operations on West Way, Pinesprings Drive, Springdale Road, Roman Road and Lancaster Drive. Further operations are planned for the months ahead.

Feedback from several residents, who live on or near these roads, was encouraging and confirmed the need for Community Speed Watch operations. One resident asked if the attendance of your Speed Watch team could be a regular event, since the reduction in vehicle speeds produced a noticeable reduction in noise levels.

If your road is blighted by speeding vehicles let us know via, your Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), or phone the Dorset Police non-emergency telephone number 101.

NB: All roads have to be assessed by Dorset Police before Community Speed Watch operations can be mounted. This is to ensure that all factors are considered, and with the safety of all involved being the highest priority.

Volunteers – Your Community Speed Watch team is currently comprised of seven volunteers from the Broadstone Community. However, in order to provide the number of Speed Watch operations required to make our roads safer we desperately need to recruit more volunteers. A greater number of volunteers will provide cover for holidays and illnesses, and will also enable more Speed Watch operations to be conducted.

Therefore, in order to provide the best possible opportunities for people to join us, Broadstone Community Speed Watch are offering offer ‘try before you buy’ sessions for anyone who may be interested. If you are interested in attending such a session please contact the Broadstone Community Speed Watch team on, and we will do our best to fit you in.

Your support is always important to us, and will be greatly appreciated. If you pass us operating at the roadside come and talk to us, and we will explain what it is we do, and why we do it.

Broadstone Community Speed Watch

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