Broadstone Community Speed Watch – July 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Broadstone Community Speed Watch was established in 2013 against a background of increasing numbers of road casualties and deaths in the county, and rising concerns in many communities regarding the risks posed to all residents by speeding vehicles.

In order to establish Community Speed Watch in Broadstone, residents were requested to identify roads in our community where speeding was a serious concern. The roads identified were then risk assessed by Dorset Police, and a set number of roads were confirmed as being suitable for Community Speed Watch operations.

At the same time volunteers, willing to contribute their own time to carry out such operations, were vetted by Dorset Police to confirm their suitability. Those selected were then issued with the necessary equipment, and were trained by Police officers to operate the equipment and mount CSW operations within strict guidelines laid down by Dorset Police.

Broadstone Community Speed Watch operations commenced in late 2014, and continued until January 2017 when it was decided that Broadstone Community Speed Watch should re-form as an independent Watch. In April 2017 Broadstone Community Speed Watch was relaunched, and it began operating independently on the 8th May.

Since that time Broadstone Community Speed Watch has been transformed from a Watch that began by carrying out 12 CSW operations a year to one that, since being re-formed, now carries out in excess of 100 operations per year. From being at the bottom of the league table of 80 + CSW teams to being at the top of the table. Most importantly, the numbers of vehicles detected speeding are down by more than 50%.

This achievement has been hard earned, and we will always need new volunteers to ensure that this effort, and the benefits to our community, are not wasted. Do contact us via our website, Dorset Police RoadSafe website or call 101 to find out more about Community Speed Watch.

Remember – Road safety is a ‘whole ship’ activity in which we all have a part to play.

This month’s word – ‘Tailgating!’


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