Broadstone Community Speed Watch – July 2018

Making Broadstone a safer place to live

In May this year Broadstone Community Speed Watch celebrated its first anniversary as an independent Watch, and it did so by completing the 104th Community Speed Watch operation since re-forming in May 2017. This is a truly remarkable achievement by a small number of dedicated and committed volunteers over a 12 month period.

However, regardless of the above some drivers have made comments that seem to be based on misunderstandings or misinformation. So to address this BCSW, and by way of this and subsequent articles, will attempt to separate fact from fiction.

Fiction: The speed gun used by Speed watch is not calibrated!

Fact: The speed gun used by BCSW is calibrated by the manufacturer, and BCSW hold a certificate confirming calibration. In addition BCSW has equipment to regularly check whether or not the Speed gun is operating correctly and to the original standards and specifications, including calibration.

Fiction: The BCSW team are just ‘grumpy old folk with nothing better to do!’

Fact: The BCSW team are all volunteers from your community. Every person in the team has undergone Dorset Police checks, and has been trained by Dorset Police to carry out CSW duties at the roadside. The BCSW team is governed by the policies and procedures laid down by the Dorset Police CSW Unit.

Fiction: No way was I speeding!

Fact: The BCSW team use the speed limits laid down in ACPO guidelines when monitoring vehicle speeds. The guidelines state that speeds and other details will only be recorded and reported in the following circumstances;-

Speed limit Details recorded if vehicle travelling at

  • 20 mph 25 mph and above
  • 30 mph 36 mph and above
  • 40 mph 47 mph and above

That said vehicles details may also be recorded and reported where the driver is observed using a mobile telephone whilst driving, when driver is not wearing a seat belt, or when a vehicle is being driven dangerously.

More in the next issue!

If you wish to know more about what we do, come and talk to us.


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