Broadstone Community Speed Watch – January 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Your Broadstone Community Speed Watch team of volunteers would like to wish everyone residing in Broadstone a truly happy New Year, and may 2019 be your safest to date.

2019 may be a new year, yet many of the challenges we faced on a daily basis in 2018 will not have changed. More vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians competing for the same space. Patience and respect for each other will be ever more important.

Winter conditions will, as you might expect, challenge road users for some months to come so it will be ever important that you do whatever is necessary to ensure that, whatever the form of transport you use to move around in, both the transport and you are fit for purpose. In particular, and in an age where today’s vehicles tend not to be garaged overnight, there is the need to ensure that vehicle windscreens and windows are completely cleared of ice/frost/mist before setting off on your journey. Allow extra time for scraping off the ice etc, and allow extra time for your journey.

Wet and slippery road surfaces present their own challenges, and BCSW regularly observe and record vehicles speeding in just about all conditions. But it is often the case that, in addition to speeding, drivers are also observed tailgating the vehicle in front of them. Speeding and tailgating are equally inappropriate and dangerous but when combined are, especially in hazardous road conditions, potentially lethal. So please do observe the speed limits, and do leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Finally, some more questions;-

  1. What distance do you cover in 1 second, in a vehicle travelling at 30 mph?
  2. What does a solid amber light mean at a set of traffic lights?
  3. At what age do you have to renew your driving licence?
  4. Name the five most common causes of collisions.

Answers to the above may be found on

Suggested New Year’s resolution – Drive safely and Drive well.

Happy New Year!


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