Broadstone Community Speed Watch – December 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Merry Christmas

December seems to have come around far too quickly. This may, in part, be due to the fact that your small, but highly effective, Community Speed Watch team of volunteers has once again been extra ordinarily busy carrying out and completing in excess of 100 Community Speed Watch operations in the 12 months since 1st January 2019.

For the second year in succession your team of volunteers have topped the CSW league table for the number of Community Speed Watch operations mounted and completed by CSW teams across the whole of Dorset.

This outstanding achievement was recognised at the CSW Conference held in Dorchester in October this year when The Chief Constable presented members of our Watch with a Certificate of Commendation.

Having our efforts recognised is important as it not only acknowledges the effort put in by your dedicated volunteers, but it also motivates and energises the whole team. But this on it’s own is not sufficient, and of equal importance is the support of Broadstone residents. So a huge ‘thank you’ to all those drivers, motor cyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and others who wave, give the ‘thumbs up’ sign, and come to talk to us at the roadside. Without your support we could not and would not do what we do!

Now, as you might expect, your existing volunteers are well motivated and determined to keep Broadstone safe, but like all similar organisations Community Speed Watch relies on a supply of volunteers, and Broadstone Community Speed Watch is no exception.

So, when the excitement and indulgences of Christmas have passed, and when it is time for New Year’s resolutions – consider what you can do for your community in 2020. If you can spare one or two hours a month then please do consider joining Broadstone Community Speed Watch. The more volunteers we have the more we can do to make Broadstone ‘a safer place to live’.

Wishing you all for a Merry Christmas, and an amazing New Year.

Remember – If you drink, don’t drive!


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