Broadstone Community Speed Watch – December 2018

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Broadstone Community Speed Watch is celebrating its second Christmas since it was relaunched in May 2017 and we would like to wish all Broadstone residents, whether supporters or not, a very Merry Christmas.

The last 12 months has seen us build on the achievements of the previous year, and Dorset Police tell us that our efforts are having a beneficial effect in terms of reduced numbers of drivers speeding on our local roads. Whilst much of this may be down to the regular operations run by your BCSW team, credit must also go to those responsible members of the driving public who are making changes to their driving behaviour. So, a sincere thank you to all those drivers who have contributed to this encouraging result.

To residents who have come to talk with us at the roadside, we would say a heartfelt ‘thank you’. We will always be happy to listen to your questions and concerns, and to do what we can to help.

To those drivers who wave, smile, give us the ‘thumbs up’ – thank you. You are our motivation.

To those who do not agree with what we do, please engage with us. We will always be happy to listen to your concerns too.

Now, in some households, there may be periods of time on Christmas day when folk relax to recover from the excitement, and some indulge in a quiz. So here are some questions to test the drivers in your family/friends –

  1. On what type of roads do most collisions occur?
  2. What is the cause of 98% of collisions?
  3. What is the minimum recommended following distance in a motor vehicle, in good conditions?
  4. How do you know when the speed limit is 30 mph?
  5. Using a mobile phone whilst driving increases your chance of having a collision by how many times.

Answers to the above, and more, may be found on – section 29.

Remember it is better to arrive late, than to be late!

Drive well, drive safely.

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