Broadstone Community Speed Watch – July 2017

Good news, and more good news!

Good news – since the relaunch of Broadstone Community Speed Watch the end of April 2017, the Watch has completed more CSW operations than it did in a year under the previous arrangements.

Good news – more residents of Broadstone are engaging with members of the Broadstone Community Speed Watch and sharing their issues and concerns regarding vehicles being driven at excessive speed on our local roads. This enables the Watch to target their efforts, and to pass on information to Dorset Police which might be acted upon by them.

Good news – and perhaps the best news to date, is that Broadstone Community Speed Watch has had an application for funds approved by Tesco, this under the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme.

The scheme allows Tesco customers to ‘vote’ for a favoured project. In this instance there will be three projects, one of which one will be Broadstone Community Speed Watch – Operation Phoenix. Customers visiting a Tesco store checkout will be offered a token, which they may then place in one of three boxes to indicate the project they support.

Tesco "Bags of Help" tokens
Tesco “Bags of Help” tokens

The tokens and boxes will be in place in 16 stores, large and small, across Poole and Bournemouth. A list of the participating Tesco stores may be found on our website This scheme will run from the 1st July – 31st August 2017.

Broadstone Community Speed Watch desperately needs funds to operate. So please, please, please support Broadstone Community Speed Watch in it’s aim to ‘make Broadstone a safer place to live’ by placing your tokens in our project box.

Thank you,


The Tesco Stores that participate in the “Bags of Help” are :

  • Bournemouth Metro BH2 6DT
  • Bournemouth Triangle Express BH2 5RG
  • Bournemourth Road, Poole Express BH14 9HR
  • Broadstone, Poole Express BH18 8BP
  • Lilliput, Poole Express BH14 8HA
  • Lychett, Poole Express BH16 6BQ
  • Parkstone, Poole Express BH12 4HU
  • Poole 4 Branksome BH12 1AU
  • Poole, Fernside Road Express BH15 2EW
  • Poole, Fleetsbridge BH17 7EJ
  • Poole Quay Express BH15 1LF
  • Poole, Ringwood Road Express BH12 3LY
  • Poole, Tower Park BH12 4NX
  • Poole, Wallisdown Road Express BH12 5BU
  • Sandbanks Express BH13 7PW
  • Westbourne, Poole Express BH4 9DW

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