Broadstone Community Speed Watch – Autumn 2017

Making Broadstone a safer place to live

Broadstone Community Speed Watch has its own web site In addition BCSW also publishes information in this magazine, on ‘Twitter’ and on Facebook. Nevertheless, shown below are some statistics which you may find interesting :-

Since Broadstone Community Speed Watch recommenced operations on the 8th May 2017, and up to and including the 25th August 2017, it has:-

  • Mounted 39 Community Speed Watch operations
  • Monitored 10,332 vehicles
  • Observed and recorded 250 vehicles being driven at speeds in excess of that posted on our local roads in and around Broadstone.

Highest vehicle speeds recorded so far are:-

Car 49 mph (30 mph road) Motorcycle 55 mph (40 mph road)

The roads being monitored are:-

Dunyeats Road, Higher Blandford Road, Lower Blandford Road, Springdale Road, West Way, Roman Road, Pinesprings Drive, Clarendon Road and Lancaster Drive.

It may be worth remembering that Community Speed Watch is a National initiative where members of communities join, with the support of the Police, to monitor the speeds of vehicles in their local area.

Every member of Community Speed watch is a volunteer and, from the statistics provided above, you will understand that attracting new volunteers is vital if this level of service to our community is to be maintained. If you wish to know more visit:

If you have some spare time and are looking for a way to serve your community, and to make Broadstone ‘a safer place to live’, do e-mail us at:

Stay safe!

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