Broadstone Community Speed Watch – August/September 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

Speeding is a regular feature in our lives and on our roads, and it is most unlikely that there is any driver or motorcyclist has never intentionally, or unintentionally, exceeded the posted speed limit at some time or other, on any given road.

The question that is difficult to answer is why? Especially when the evidence indicates that excessive speed is a factor in almost one third of all accidents where fatalities and/or serious life changing injuries result.

Without doubt a contributory factor has got to be the sheer volume of traffic, and ever more congested roads, which create a frustration among the travelling public. Another factor has to be the increasing demands on our time to carry out a seemingly increasing number of tasks, whether it be getting to/from work, children to/from school, meetings, shopping, visiting relatives/friends in hospital and much more.

Then there is the human condition wherein some of us cannot resist the urge to speed, some see speed limits as being there ‘for the obedience of fools and the guidance for wise men’, whilst others among us struggle with time management or are just badly organised.

Add to this a road infrastructure that is being more and more challenged in coping with the demands of the ‘travelling’ public. The numbers of road works/road improvement schemes needed to cope with the increasing numbers of vehicles, and which in themselves add to the delays that frustrate so many of us.

But whatever the reasons for speeding such behaviour only makes a bad situation worse. Unnecessary and inappropriate speeding seriously increases the risks of death or serious injury to all road users regardless of whether a driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian. Furthermore, speeding increases noise and pollution levels at a time when air pollution is a major concern to all of us.

So, until we can enjoy the electrically powered autonomous vehicles revolution, and join the convoy, can we please be more careful and considerate when driving in and around our precious community.

Drive well, drive safely.


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