Broadstone Community Speed Watch – August 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

You will have seen in the national media that during the Corona virus lockdown numbers of vehicles observed being driven at unacceptably high speeds, and in some cases stopped by the Police, reached new levels. In view of this Dorset Police took the decision to authorise Community Speed Watch teams to redeploy on roads throughout the county.

You may have seen on the Broadstone Community Facebook page, the Broadstone Community Speed Watch Facebook and on the BCSW Twitter page that your Speed Watch team was commencing roadside operations from Monday 13th July 2020.

In the present circumstances much thought and consideration had to be given to the safety of not only our own volunteers, but also all of those with whom we might come into contact. The most visible outcomes being that volunteers operating at the roadside would practice social distancing rather that stand together as a group. Furthermore, to reduce risks from handling equipment the calibrated Speed gun is now mounted on a tripod.

From an operational point of view, and in the short term, the number of roadside operations are being limited to two a week, this to reduce demands on the small core of volunteers currently available. On a similar basis the number of roads, on which BCSW will be mounting operations, will be restricted to three. These roads are Pinesprings Drive, Higher and Lower Blandford Roads. Timing of operations will vary as previously.

The numbers of operations per week, and the number of roads to be monitored, will be regularly reviewed, and any changes to the current limitations will be published on the two Facebook pages mentioned above and on Twitter -Watch these spaces!

The pandemic has affected many in our community, and BCSW is no exception so we would ask that if you come to speak with us at the roadside please respect the social distancing guidelines. Let us all stay safe!

Finally, please remember that the principal aim of CSW is to raise awareness, educate and inform.

Please stay safe and drive considerately.


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