Broadstone Community Speed Watch – April 2020

‘Safer roads, safer community, safer Broadstone’

April – The month when we start to feel the fingers of spring reaching out into our greener spaces,  and time for your Broadstone Community Speed Watch to extend their operating times to take advantage of the extending hours of daylight.

It is also the month when we intend to introduce ourselves to our residents, and this will be achieved by running some ‘Meet the Team’ sessions in front of the Marks and Spencer food store on the Broadway. Not unnaturally we are restricted by the weather, but nevertheless do look out for a large white tent with members of our team in attendance wearing high visibility jackets.

To add interest, and subject to availability, we will invite Officers from Dorset Police who may bring along some of their operational vehicles or other interesting kit.

Once identified we will be publishing both the dates and the timings on Broadstone Community Facebook site and elsewhere.

An additional offering this year is that Broadstone Community Speed Watch team have a ‘Power point’ presentation available to present to organisations who might be interested in finding out more about Community Speed Watch and what it does. If you think this is something that might be useful to you then do contact us via our website form.

NB: We have a laptop and projector, so just need a screen, a venue and an audience.

Now what has changed? The reduction in the speed limit on Lower Blandford Road, from 40 to 30 mph, means that BCSW are unable operate on that road for six months. BCSW operations recommence June 2020.

In January and March your BCSW team received support from the Dorset Police Trucam team, when a Police Officer attended a regular BCSW operating site, with a calibrated Police issue Speed Gun mounted on a tripod. The Police officer had a BCSW volunteer in attendance. This Police initiative will become a regular feature on our local roads so be aware!

So, as oft said in ‘Hill Street Blues’ – Be safe out there!

Drive safely


As published in the Broadstone Link magazine for April 2020

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