Broadstone Community Speed Watch – April 2019

‘Making Broadstone a safer place to live’

April, the month of showers! Or at least that is how it used to be when I was younger. Nowadays it seems that we can still have a threat of snow in the forecast? Thankfully we have now moved our clocks forward into British Summer Time and the promise of lighter mornings and evenings, and this means that your Community Speed Watch team can begin to extend their operating hours and coverage on all of the Broadstone roads authorized and approved by Dorset Police for Community Speed Watch operations.

The winter months have been challenging for all of our road users and ourselves. Despite this, and not unusually, we have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of road user behaviour over this period. Excess speed, tailgating, faulty headlights, cyclists without any lights and some without any head protection, pedestrians oblivious of what is going on around them, to name but a few.

Out of interest a recent report revealed that 43% of all collisions caused by speeding occur on A roads, whilst 15% occur on B roads. Just 4% of speeding related collisions occur on motorways. This report also stated that of the 5 people killed daily on our UK roads, 2 are caused by speeding, and in the remaining cases speeding is a factor. One possible reason behind the above might be that in a recent survey of drivers, 53% thought that speeding was ‘Okay’?

All that said, in an effort to spread the word and to make ourselves available to you, Broadstone Community Speed Watch will be manning a stand in Broadstone Library on Saturday the 13th April 1000 – 1200 hrs. Do put this event in your diary and come and meet us. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Finally, Broadstone Community Speed Watch have been invited to give a five minute presentation at the Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch AGM in May. This will be another opportunity for you to ‘meet the team’.

Drive safely


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