Broadstone Community Speed Watch – September 2018

The Dorset Police Community Speed Watch Unit currently supports over 60 Community Speed Watch teams across Dorset, and it is their stated ambition to create and establish a total of 100 such teams in the near future.

In 2017 the existing Community Speed Watch teams achieved the following;-

Total Community Speed Watch sessions mounted 894
Total number of vehicles monitored 241699
Total number of vehicles observed and recorded as speeding 8605*
Total number of Warning letters issued by Dorset Police 6687

*Speeding as laid down in ACPO guidelines i:e; The posted speed limit plus 10% + 2mph.

The above was an outstanding effort by all concerned, and even more so due to the fact that all the above were carried out by volunteers from your Dorset communities. Such volunteers having been vetted, trained and supported by the Dorset Police CSW Unit.

It will not come as a surprise that the success or otherwise of such an initiative depends wholly upon their being sufficient and suitable volunteers to mount CSW operations, to perform the required tasks involved in carrying out such operations, and to produce the necessary reports at the end of each operation.

The wartime poster stating ‘Your country needs you’ is ever more true if our ever busier roads are to be safe for use by all road users motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and others.

So if you are considering setting up a Speed watch for your community, or maybe joining an existing Speed Watch team, you may do so as follows;-

Contact the PCSO, appointed as CSW liaison officer , in your local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)


Telephone the non-Emergency Police contact number 101 and seek advice


Go to the Dorset police website, look up CSW, and fill in the on-line enquiry form.


Speak directly to a member of an existing Community Speed watch team

Please note that all existing CSW volunteers, and new volunteers wishing to form, or join, a Community Speed Watch, will have to undergo a basic form of vetting carried out by a suitably qualified Police officer /PCSO. Once accepted suitable volunteers will be trained by Dorset police.

Drive well and drive safely

Broadstone Community Speed Watch Statistics – July 2018

Statistics for Broadstone Community Speed Watch during July 2018.

All the roads in the table below are authorised by Dorset Police for carrying out speed watches. Those roads with no data had no speed watches during the month.

Location in Broadstone Total sessions Total Vehicles counted Total vehicles speeding
All roads (1st to 31st July 2018) 12 3453 62
Dunyeats Road 0 0 0
Higher Blandford Road 4 1548 23
Lower Blandford Road 0 0 0
Springdale Road 1 203 6
West Way 1 57 0
Pinesprings Drive 4 1064 32
Roman Road 1 159 0
Lancaster Drive 0 0 0
Clarendon Road 0 0 0
Broadstone Broadway 1 422 1